【36th Tokyo International Film Festival】Unveils Key Visual, Festival Mission and Festival Navigator ANDO Momoko!

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The 36th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), to be held from October 23 through November 1, 2023, has revealed its poster image.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of OZU Yasujiro's birth, and TIFF will celebrate his enduring achievements during the festival. The poster was designed to pay tribute to one of Ozu's masterpieces, Tokyo Story, and features actor/filmmaker OKUDA Eiji and his daughter, filmmaker ANDO Momoko, representing the relationship between RYU Chishu and HARA Setsuko in the film.

The image was shot on the rooftop garden of KITTE Marunouchi Building, with Tokyo station's domes in the background. The visuals were created by Japanese fashion designer KOSHINO Junko, who has designed TIFF's visuals since 2021. The posters will be displayed at theaters from August 18.

Ando Momoko has also been appointed Festival Navigator, formerly known as Festival Ambassador, for the 36th TIFF. Throughout her career, Ando has been deeply committed to the film industry. Beginning as a filmmaker (Kakera: Pieces of Our Life; 0.5mm), she now also operates an arthouse cinema in Kochi Prefecture, and organizes film festivals there. Ando will "navigate" the audience by suggesting highlights and can't-miss features at the festival.

Comment from Ando Momoko
A world where there are no conflicts or boundaries, where every existence can be enlightened, where we can transcend time and space and live freely.
Cinema can embody any story.
Cinema can change the world.
The world can be changed by films.
I honestly believe that is true.

Films reflect our thoughts.
They project invisible winds, tiny creatures, and all life.
They memorize and record the past and future in our minds.
Now, in 2023, what will we gaze at, and where will we be led?
Film festivals are the compass of the world.
Now, here, from Tokyo.

TIFF is also pleased to announce the basic principles guiding the festival's mission. Each year, the theme of the festival is announced, but from this year, TIFF staff will run the festival in adherence with this overall mission.

Our Mission:

To amplify the possibilities of cinema from Tokyo and contribute to interactions with a diverse world.

Over the past year, the entire TIFF team has discussed the idea and come up with this mission to embody the words "Tokyo," "international," "film" and "festival."

The words "possibilities of cinema" encompass the opportunities to create new films, ranging from arthouse to blockbuster, the prospect of breakthroughs that transform life, culture or the world, and the chance to carry on the legacy of the past (classic films), to embrace the diversity of today (the latest films), and to pioneer the future (ambitious films).

In the hope that the films will highlight all the colors of the world, "diverse world" means that we will transcend all boundaries of country, race, gender, religion, language, values or beliefs within and beyond Japan, and even beyond the boundaries between filmmakers and audiences. Ultimately, we hope that everyone can enjoy the festive moments throughout our festival.

The 36th TIFF opening ceremony will take place at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, as it did last year, while the closing ceremony will be held at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya. In addition to three large theaters, Marunouchi TOEI, Marunouchi Piccadilly and TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, Hulic Hall Tokyo will join as a new screening venue, along with TIFF’s regular theaters, Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho, Cine Switch Ginza, Humantrust Cinema Yurakucho and TOHO Cinemas Chanter.

TIFF will also be more locally engaged, establishing stronger ties with leading companies in the Hibiya-Marunouchi area such as Mitsui Fudosan and Mitsubishi Estate, and will work closely with local administrations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Chiyoda City and Chuo City. Additionally, the Zen-Ginza-kai, the Ginza area’s shopping and business association, and other local organizations will collaborate with TIFF to further enliven the area during the festival.

36th TIFF

Date: October 23 (Mon.) – November 1 (Wed.), 2023
Venues: Hibiya-Yurakucho-Marunouchi-Ginza area
Official Website: www.tiff-jp.net

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