【Religious Book】Our Father Forsaken: The Abandonment of the God of the Old and New

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Bold and forceful in its condemnation of contemporary religion, Our Father Forsaken is a meticulously researched work that demands the attention of all Jews and Christians who seek the truth. In 120 A.D., Marcion of Sinope, a charismatic preacher, appeared in Rome to reveal the "hidden" teachings of Jesus. The real Jesus, according to Marcion, was a pure spirit sent from the highest God to free mankind from the clutches of the evil God of the Old Testament, a lesser deity among the thousands of celestial beings.

The disparity between the God of Moses and the God of Jesus, Marcion maintained, was obvious with rational comparison of Old and New Testaments.The God of the Old Testament demanded "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth," while Jesus said: "Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." Although Marcion was drummed out of Rome in disgrace, his movement never died and it crystallized into the religion of Freemasonry.

In the 19th Century, Marcionism was embraced by the German rationalists and made its way into contemporary Christianity. Such rationalists argued that the Torah had been composed not by Moses but a host of sources and could not be accepted as authentic. The New Testament, they argued, was equally unreliable. It was composed not by eyewitnesses but editors and that the gospel accounts had been subjected to the process of myth-making.

The theology of the rationalists was taught in every leading Catholic and Protestant seminary in the United States. Since the scriptures were “contradictory” and a product of primitive times, students of religion were taught that Christian doctrine should be centered, on the “social gospel”—a gospel stripped of all supernatural elements and all passages deemed offensive to modern sensibilities. The result has been the creation of a religion that is devoid of the ambiguity and precariousness of life, of the awe before the divine majesty, and the judgment before the ineffable holiness.

About the Author

The youngest son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Hyung Jin Sean Moon was born in Tarrytown, NY. He earned his Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Master of Theology degrees from Harvard. Moon studied Buddhism, but became convinced that the Christian Gospel was the only path to salvation. In 2007, his father appointed him to be the senior pastor of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, where he later served as international president. After his father’s death, Moon moved to PA with his brother, Justin Moon, to reestablish the lost foundation of his father.

Moon continues as his father's successor through the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary ministry. Moon hosts The King's Report, a weekday broadcast, stressing spiritual guidance and offering cutting edge commentary from a biblical perspective.


The Rev. HJ Sean Moon's book, Our Father Forsaken, is a proof and a evidence about facts that Jesus existed and remains working to build the God's Kingdom, a real Kingdom where all we must be kings and queens and the Lord is the King of Kings. This book is a proof that God exist and He is looking for us, but Evil do exists too and he is looking for us too. This book is calling us to make brave Christian again and fight to destroy evil and protect our people, our family and our nation. Thank so much to the author for inspiring us. This book certainly could be a religious bestseller book.

Christianity began as efforts to bring fundamental change to the world, but over the years it has abdicated that mission in favor of being a vassal to the rulers of the world. "Our Father Forsaken" is a clarion call for the Church to return to its original mission. It challenges people of faith to examine the purpose of faith. It is not intended to be an analgesic or palliative for the sufferings of the world. It is intended be a figurative knife to cut out from the world the evil that causes suffering. "Our Father Forsaken" is an excellent book for anyone who wants to live an examined life.

Very revealing and excellent researched work on how true Christianity has been corrupted over time. It's a must read for any serious believer to really know what's going on with their religion especially with the deceptions occurring in these Last Days.

Powerful and sobering. Especially interesting to me was learning how seminaries and universities have been compromised by the use of donations and grant money from those who support a secular worldview and, in fact, are working to subvert the values upon which the US was created. I highly recommend this book.

Very much liked how author dissected modern issues with impeccable Biblical viewpoint. Excellent book for teens as well. Perspective is flawless. Very much a new American staple, that transcends globally.