【Tokyo International Film Festival 2019】Submissions Open~Eligibility~

한국어 日本語

1. Do you accept Documentary films? Or Short films?

Short films and documentary films are not eligible. Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes.

2. Does premiere status matter? What is International premiere and Asian premiere?

All films submitted for TIFF maintain at least an Asian premiere meaning the film has not been screened publicly anywhere in Asian countries. (theatrical release, festival screening etc.)

World and International Premieres are given priority. However, for Asian films, if the film has not been screened anywhere but the production country, it still has an International premiere status, so it is eligible.

3. May I submit films with a Japanese distributor?

Yes. However, please make sure that they agree to let us screen your film before the release in Japan. If you need further assistance after reading this information, please contact us at competition2019@tiff-jp.net