【North Korea】 KORAIL CEO to Visit North Korea

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The South Korean government has approved a visit to North Korea by CEO of the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) Choi Yeon Hye and four other officials, it was announced yesterday.

The group is expected to attend an Organization for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD) conference from April 24-28th alongside top rail officials from China, Russia and 25 other member states.

It is believed the conference will provide an opportunity for concerned parties to continue discussions on the Rajin-Hasan project that connects the North Korean port of Rajin to Russia’s Hasan. KORAIL, POSCO and other South Korean companies are involved in project.

The project is also part of Park Geun Hye’s “Eurasia Initiative” that aims to link energy and logistics infrastructure across the continent.

The OSJD was formed in 1956 by Eastern bloc countries to improve coordination of international rail transport. It now has 27 member states including North Korea.

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