【Whale】 Giant humpback whale 巨大ザトウクジラ 거대 혹등고래

My name is Samantha, My mother and I went to Avila Beach,Ca (Port San Luis) to go Kayaking on August 18th 2012. As we were taking a break we watched a whole bunch of Pelicans diving into the water, Next thing I know this Humpback whale comes out of the water to feed right behind my mom and in front of me. My mother is the women in the blue Kayak that you see sitting there so quite. I am the one filming the whole thing, I quit filming it because the whale was still moving forward and it ran into me. So there for I had to stop filming and paddle backwards before I got tipped over.
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【Nature】Dolphins, gray whales, humpback whale イルカ, コククジラ, ザトウクジラ 돌고래, 귀신 고래, 혹등 고래
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