【North Korea】 Kim Jong-un, 'No more security threats'

Chinese envoy Li Yuancho (left), North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un (right)
Korean Japanese
North Korea’s Communist Party Chairman Kim Jong-un told China’s Vice President Li Yuanchao there will no longer be a security threat in the Northeast Asian region, reported Japan’s daily Mainichi Shimbun on Aug. 27.

The paper reported the remarks came from North Korean authorities during the Arirang Festival in Pyongyang on July 25.

During an unofficial meeting, Li requested North Korea to refrain from causing disorder on the Korean Peninsula. He also emphasized the peninsula should be free of nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong-un replied that China’s logic was reasonable. On the part of security, he promised to keep his word in maintaining peace in the region, according to the paper.

However, it was not clear whether Chairman Kim discussed dismantling his nuclear weapons.

One person who is close to the North’s leading party, stated, “North Korea holds no animosity toward agents of IAEA.”

Chinese ambassador Wu Dawei believes North Korea may discuss the possibility of denuclearization, said the paper.

It added the Chinese envoy found Kim Jong-un to be “quite modest.”

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