【Websites】 60% of Porn Websites Are Hosted in the United States

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An analysis by MetaCert, a company that specializes on internet safety, reveals that 60 percent of all websites containing pornographic content are hosted in the United States. That amounts to a staggering 428 million pages spread across 4.2 million different domains. Within the United States, California is home to most porn websites. 66 percent of pornographic sites hosted in the U.S. are located in the state that is known for its flourishing porn industry.

Internationally, the Netherlands are surprisingly the second largest host country for porn websites. The notoriously liberal country in the heart of Europe, home to no more than 17 million people, hosts an astonishing 26 percent of the world’s porn websites. Ranked third, the United Kingdom is host to 52 million pages of pornographic content. That might soon change though, as British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced that all pornographic content would soon by default be blocked by internet service providers in the UK.

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