【Accident】 Lightning strikes mother and daughter! 雷に打たれる母と娘! 번개 맞은 모녀 !

The lightning hit two pedestrians. The 28-year-old mother and her six-year-old daughter were hospitalized with first and second degree burns over 25% of their bodies. Looks like lightning hit their umbrella.
【Accident】Landslide Giant Rock Boulder in Taiwan 基隆八斗子土石流 台湾、巨大土石流 대만 산사태
【Accident】KTX train collided with Mugunghwa passenger train 韓国高速鉄道3重追突 KTX-무궁화 3중 추돌
【Accident】China Flood 2013
【Accident】Japan Sakurajima volcano eruption August 18 2013 桜島で爆発的噴火 噴煙が5000m
【Accident】"flying car" 「飛ぶ自動車」 "날으는 자동차"
【Accident】German SPIEGEL ONLINE : San Francisco Crash 'Was Only a Matter of Time'
【Accident】독일의 시사주간지 슈피겔 "샌프란시스코 공항의 사고는 시간문제였다"