【North Korea】 A Sign of Change in North Korea

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Korean Central News Agency, North Korea, state media reported on 19 November (Monday) that Kim Jong Un inspected the equestrian of Korean People’s Army (KPA). Kim Jong Un named it “Mirim Horse Riding Club” and he called for renovating the club.[日本語][한국어]
According to KCNA, Kim Jong Un said:
“Horse-riding is a very good exercise helpful for nurturing bravery. It will help strengthen healthy spirit and physical body conducive to labor and defense. Regular horse-riding exercises from early years based on education will develop muscles and prevent back ache even after becoming adults. Horse-riding has caught worldwide interest. Koreans have been fond of riding horses from the olden times and frequently held competitions on horseback, thus training their body and mind. When renovated, the horse-riding club will attract lots of working people, youth and students. The horse-riding will help them train their body and mind and give them pride and joy. Roller skating wind is raging after the creation of skate parks in different parts of Pyongyang. The same thing will happen after the creation of horse-riding club.”
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【North Korea】A Sign of Change in North Korea
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