【FISM】World Championships of Magic 2012 Contestants

한국어 日本語
Yu, Ho Jin (21, Korea) was awarded the GrandPrix of the ‘2012 FISM World Championship’in Blackpool, UK and he won the Championship of Manipulation magic. Furthermore, other Korean magicians ranked high in 2012 FISM Blackpool, too.

2012 FISM Blackpool Results

Grand Prix stage – Yu Ho Jin
Joint 2nd Place – General Magic - Haon Gun – Korea
1st place – Manipulation – Yu Ho Jin – Korea
2nd place – Manipulation - Lukas – Korea
3rd place – Manipulation - Kim hyun joon – Korea
3rd place cards – Zeki Yoo – Korea
Invention award Stage - Ha Won Geon - Korea
Most Original in Stage - Kim Tae Won- Korea