【Bestseller】 'Tears of Jesus' Uncovering a secret more startling than 'The Da Vinci Code'!!

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"My heart has been misunderstood. I want you to understand my heart." In spite of herself, a humble nun feels ill when she looks at the cross. In the throes of her agony, Jesus speaks to her of a secret that will shake the Christian world to its foundations.

What is the hidden cause of the 'Cross Immolation Syndrome' that has been sweeping the modern world? A Japanese priest, sister, and the Roman Pope go on a journey of discovery that leads them to eye-opening conclusions about the Jesus they thought they knew.

Uncovering a secret more startling than "The Da Vinci Code", a Japanese priest, nun, and the Roman Pope find themselves woven into a dynamic suspense novel that spans Italy, France, and Japan.

The Secret behind the Cross takes the discoverers of the secret back 2,000 years to dynamically encounter the living heart of Jesus in a revolutionary way.