【Tokyo International Film Festival 2016】 The Tokyo Grand Prix Award went to The Bloom of Yesterday

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The Tokyo Grand Prix Award went to The Bloom of Yesterday, directed by Chris Kraus. President of Jury, Jean-Jacques Beineix made a powerful comment. "Crimes against humanity are wounds that can't be cured. Each and everybody keeps the mark of it. Cinema transmitted the memory of these moments of disgrace many times. However, year after year the images fade. However great moviemakers go beyond that and put back into perspective the survival of past crimes." A special kirin trophy was awarded to Mr. Kraus by Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo. Chris Kraus' words were, "This is surreal. I am standing on the same stage as Jean-Jacques. I am moved because it was hard to bring this film to life. Thank you for inviting us to TIFF. I want to use this moment to thank the actors and actresses. This film would not have worked without their unbelievable hard work." As Producer Kathrin Lemme wiped her tears, she said, "I am so happy about his prize. Thank you Chris for all the time we spent together. We had a wonderful time at the festival and I am overwhelmed."

Following the announcement of all the award winners, Governor Yuriko Koike shared her enthusiasm of having hosted the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival. "This year, the Competition section saw films from 98 countries and regions with 1500 film entries. Today happens to be Cultural Day holiday in Japan and I believe that film is a concentrated form of culture. Japan has many different facets of culture which we'd like to transmit to the world. In 2020, we will be hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games which is a wonderful opportunity to transmit sports and culture to the world. I believe that TIFF will be a driving force in realizing that."

Jean-Jacques Beineix wrapped up the commendation ceremony. "The 16 films that have been submitted cannot pretend to represent the cinema in its whole. They nevertheless give a striking view of it. Those films give a sizzling scope of the vision of moviemakers. Moviemakers are witnesses of their times—we need them to enlarge our comprehension of the world. Through those 16 films we could feel anxiety, fear of exclusion, racism, pessimism, loneliness, need of justice, and acceptance of our differences. Our awesome differences are our common wealth. Through all those point of views, cinema teaches us how to respect each other and to design the need for a more tolerant world, more respectful of our customs, our singularities. A universal film does not exist but through its diversity, cinema contributes greatly to open our minds and to express the beauty of humanity. It gives us a glimpse of a better world. Thank you."

The final words were from Yasushi Shiina, Director General of TIFF. "Congratulations to the winners today. I would like to thank the members of the jury as well. This year we had 1502 entries. The 34 competition films all deserve high praise and a big round of applause. I find that hosting a film festival is like making a film. Actors appear on the screen but we know that there are many people involved in making a film. This year, we had approximately 1000 staff members and 350 volunteers. My deepest gratitude goes out to every one of them. I look forward to seeing you next year at the 30th Tokyo International Festival. Thank you!"

【Competition Section】
▼Audience Award: Die Beautiful

▼WOWOW Viewer's Choice Award: Bloom of Yesterday

▼Award for Best Artistic Contribution: Mr. No Problem

▼Award for Best Actor: Paolo Ballesteros(Die Beautiful)

▼Award for Best Actress: Lene Cecilia Sparrok(Sami Blood)

▼Award for Best Director: Hana Jušić(Quit Staring at My Plate)

▼Special Jury Prize: Sami Blood

▼Tokyo Grand Prix: Bloom of Yesterday

【Asian Future】
▼The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center: Lipstick Under My Burkha(Alankrita Shrivastava)

Future Film Award: Birdshot

【Japanese Cinema Splash】Best Picture Award: POOLSIDEMAN

【SAMURAI Award】Martin Scorsese, Kiyoshi Kurosawa

【ARIGATŌ Award】Makoto Shinkai, Mitsuki Takahata, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Godzilla

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