【Tokyo International Film Festival 2016】The World of Mamoru HOSODA

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Director Mamoru Hosoda's life-long theme is "affirmation of life". Many of his works are filled with hopes, but the path he took was not always sunny. Having repeatedly crawled out of the abyss of despair, he has been driven by his conviction backed by his own experiences.
'The Boy and the Beast'

One day, a lonely boy Kyuta encounters a Beast, Kumatetsu, and decides to become the Beast's apprentice in order to get strong. They clash about everything at first, but their shared experience helps both of them mature. Gradually a bond develops between them just like a real father and son. The story of fathers who celebrate the growth of children.
'Wolf Children'

A college student Hana falls in love with a "wolf man". They soon have a girl Yuki and a boy Ame, who are both human and wolf, but the father suddenly passes away. Hana decides to move to the countryside surrounded by harsh yet rich nature to give her children the choice of being "humans" or “wolves” in the future. The story of a mother and her children for the period of 13 years.

Kenji, a math whiz but a normal high school boy, faces a world crisis which broke out in a virtual city called "OZ". Natsuki, the girl of his dreams, and her relatives living in the countryside of Nagano prefecture help him. The film is full of exciting action and human drama, depicting two very different motifs: the world of the Internet and life of a big family in rural Japan.
'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'

An animation film based on the original novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Makoto, a high school girl suddenly gains the ability to leap back in time. She uses this ability to constanly go back to fix petty mistakes. In the process she learns how precious time really is.

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