【2016 Multicultural Exchange Festival in Tokyo】 Let's share cultures and strengthen bond among nations!

한국어 日本語
'2016 Multicultural Exchange Festival in Tokyo' will be held at Yotsuya Kumin Hall on Sep 22(Thu, Holiday). Multicultural Exchange Festival is to encourage Japan to become a multicultural society and help 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics succeed through promoting international exchange programs and activities. Last year more than 1000 people from 41 nations participated in the festival at Syakujii-Park in Nerima Ward.

■Main Programs■

・Musics, songs and traditional dances from different countries
・Dance Performance
・Street performance
・Multicultural Talk show(Interesting and good points of Japanese)
・World Quiz(to be done by nation's representative)
・Presentation about volunteer activity
・Awarding international families for being good models.

・Exhibition of NGO, NPO, international group, and Embassies
・Stamp Rally to get know each other through learning languages.
・Collecting used books to help promote a planting tree project in Indonesia. ※Please bring your used books.

・Organization Name : The Executive Committee of the Multicultural Exchange Festival in Tokyo.
・Chairman : Tatsuo Mizuno (Former Ambassador of Japan in Nepal)
・Sponsors : NPO Asian Green Forest Network, UPF (UN NGO), NPO2050, YFWP-Japan
Economic Network of Japan and Korea, UFPA, IFA
・Support : Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Tokyo, Japan / The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan /Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Japan / Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Japan / Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Japan / Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Japan / Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Japan / Embassy of the Republic of Palau in Japan / Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala in Japan / Embassy of the Republic of Togo in Japan / Korean Culture Center, Korean Embassy in Japan / Forestry Attache, Indonesian Embassy in Japan

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