【Fishing】Donna hooked 411.6kg Pacific bluefin after 4 hour and 11 minute long battle

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After the 4 hour and 11 minute long battle, Donna(Auckland, New Zealand) hooked 411.6kg (64 stone) Pacific bluefin.

Unaware of the scale of her catch, Donna and her four-strong team battled for over four hours to drag the gargantuan 8ft 9' tuna onto her boat.
At 411.6kg, the fish weighs twice as much as a baby elephant and could fill 3162 cans of tuna and make 2,875 sandwiches.

'It was a very stubborn fish, but I'm stubborn as well,' said Donna.

The fish is twice the size of a tuna sold at a Japanese auction last year for $1.09million. It could be worth up to $ 2million.

Donna, however, is unable to sell it because the fish wasn't caught on a commercial vessel.

Instead, Donna Pascoe wants to stuff her record-breaking tuna catch and hang it on her wall.

She is now awaiting certification from the International Game Fish Association so she can claim the world record.
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